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1. XEditor

The XEditor is a Java application that allows to view, validate and edit the contents of X9 Image Cash Letter Files. to the following standards:

  • X9.37 DSTU-2003
  • X9.37 DSTU-2003 - FRB
  • X9.100-180-2006
  • X9.100-180-TECH
  • Universal Companion Document (UCD)
  • X9.100-187-2008
  • X9.100-187-2008-UCD
  • X9.100-181 (X9 Image Qualifier)

This page contains pointers to binary builds of XEditor. The following build type is available.

Release Build: 9.0.1


DigerTech Inc. provides free version XEditor for our customer to view the check images only in X9.37 files. To learn how to use XEditor, please refer to the XEditor User's Guide.

Sign up as a member to receive a seven-day full functional XEditor tial license. The trial license start date is your register date. To learn the details of each license, please refer to the licenses page.


2. DigerTech SDK

DigerTech Inc. provide two SDKs to process Image Cash Letter (ICL) file and validate TIFF image data: FileProcessingSDK and ImageValidationSDK.

FileProcessingSDK can read the records from the ICL file. Implement the ReaderInterface to receive the records reading from the ICL file. It also support creating ICL records and writing records to a new file.

ImageValidationSDK checks or validates the image data whether it is confirmed to the X9.100-181 standard.

Release Build: 9.0.1


DigerTech Inc. provides four samples on how to use these two SDK to process ICL file and validate TIFF image data. To learn how to run these samples, please refer to the SDK readme.

  1. SampleICLFileReader.java
  2. SampleICLFileReader2.java
  3. SampleICLFileReader3.java
  4. SampleICLFileWriter.java
  5. SampleImageValidator.java
  6. SampleX100ValidationOptions.java
  7. SampleX187ValidationOptions.java
  8. SampleX937ValidationOptions.java

Please contact us to receive a seven-day trial Enterprise II SDK license. To learn the details of each license, please refer to the licenses page.